imojiapp spices up your messages with custom stickers created from your photos


emoji are a wonderful way to communicate without saying a word. If you want to get creative with your stickers and move beyond the default set that ships with iOS, then you should check out imojiapp. imojiapp lets you take any image on your iPhone and turn it into a textable sticker.

Imojioapp is easy to use, just snap a photo, use the crop and eraser tools to remove the part of image you don't want and the app will turn the remaining shot into a bordered sticker. You then can use iMojiapp to drop it into your iMessage and send it along to your friends and family.


Like most creative tools, imojiapp allows you to organize your images for your own usage and for sharing with others. The app has a growing community of user-created emojis that you can browse and then use in your own messages.

imojiapp is available for free from the iOS App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS iOS 7.