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LG's 105-inch 4K TV is here, if you can afford it

Sure, Samsung just launched its 105-inch ultrawidescreen, Ultra HD TV, but if spending $120,000 on such a screen is probably out of reach there may be a solution. For the the budget minded-consumer, we'd recommend taking a look at LG's 105-inch 4K (they call it 5K, because of the expanded number of pixels horiontally) set. Beyond coming with an integrated speaker (value!), if we're reading this machine-translated Korean press release correctly, in Korea it's priced at 120 million won, or about $117,000 and will start shipping in just a few days. That way, you can buy one of these and a nice 65-inch TV for your kids instead of that college education they wanted. During CES we'd heard that the MSRP would be around $70,000 US so we're still hoping for even more savings on this side of the Pacific -- of course, as much as we like high-res TVs we're not sure any of them are worth two Teslas.