Elite's Beta 1 starts today, here's a new trailer

Frontier has released its Beta 1 build of Elite: Dangerous. It "covers a greatly expanded 38,000 cubic light-year volume of Elite: Dangerous' accurately modeled Milky Way galaxy centered around the Boötes constellation."

Beta 1 also introduces new features including fuel consumption, player communication, docking computers, mission system functionality, and friend management/matchmaking capability. There's more, including a new trailer, which is embedded along with the official press release after the break.

[Source: Frontier press release]

Elite: Dangerous Beta 1 Released

38,000 Cubic Light-years' Worth of Additional Features

Cambridge, UK. 30th July 2014. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) has released the first phase of the Beta development process of its forthcoming space epic Elite: Dangerous as planned. Beta 1 increases the number of playable star systems in the game by a factor of 10 compared to Premium Beta, and covers a greatly expanded 38,000 cubic light-year volume of Elite: Dangerous' accurately modelled Milky Way galaxy centred around the Boötes constellation familiar to Premium Beta players.

The greater volume of Beta 1 space has an increased variety of celestial bodies, trading economies and star ports, and plays host to a large number of additional features and enhancements which together provide a richer gameplay experience over the whole expanded volume of space.

Significant Beta 1 additional features include:
· 55 star systems covering 38,000 cubic light-years
· Initial online mission system functionality (to be further developed through Beta)
· Player-to-player communication by text and voice
· Friends management and matchmaking
· Private Group play option
· On-line single player option
· Overview trade route mapping
· The concept of fuel consumption
· Docking computers to automate safe star port landings
· Additional Viper heavy fighter and Lakon Type 6 medium trader ships

Check out the new trailer here:
Beta 1 will be available in English only. Future builds will be localised in the following languages:
German, French, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Simplified Chinese.

David Braben, CEO of Frontier, said: "Beta 1 is yet another significant milestone for the development of Elite: Dangerous. It further builds out the core gameplay with the addition of many important features. Beta 1 marks the beginning of the final phase of development. We want to again thank all the Alpha and Premium Beta players who have contributed so much to date. We are delighted to welcome a large number of new people to the Elite: Dangerous multiplayer experience, and are looking forward to everyone's reaction to the great new features and increased scale."