Twitch streams its first live concert tonight

If this weekend's Lollapalooza festival doesn't have enough electronic music for you, tonight you can catch a live DJ set from Steve Aoki (above) as he spins from Ibiza, Spain. The Twitch broadcast starts at 10 p.m. Eastern, so you might have to pull the neon hula-hoops and rainbow leggings out of the closet a bit earlier than you're used to. It's a free show of course, and you can watch it on basically every platform at hand -- gaming console, mobile device or even via this Chromecasted browser tab on your flat-screen. If competitive gaming is more your style, however, the streaming behemoth has something more traditional in store for you. Following its PAX Prime booth broadcast, Twitch is doing a digital premiere of Die Noobs, a documentary following two decade-long online gaming pals as they finally meet in person and then train to compete in their first-ever eSports event.

Should the initial August 29th broadcast date not work with your personal schedule, there'll be a rerun 24 hours later at 9 p.m. Eastern -- maybe Google will have finally fessed up to its purchase by then.

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