Joystiq Discussion: How much would you pay for EA Access?

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Joystiq Discussion: How much would you pay for EA Access?
From aggressive downloadable content campaigns to Online Passes, EA has never shied away from trying new ways to make cash with games. Following the success of programs like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games With Gold, EA is embracing the subscription gaming model with EA Access on Xbox One.

For $30 per year or $5 a month, Xbox One owners can access a buffet of full games like EA Sports UFC and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare gratis. EA also says it has "no plans" to remove games from the service, so provided you maintain your subscription, the games will stay in your library just like they do on PS Plus.

Even when paying for Xbox Live Gold on top of EA Access, there's readily apparent value. Intrepid Redditor Hidesquadron1 broke down the value of paying for a year of XBL Gold and EA Access and his math found that the annual $90 cost of both equated to roughly $672 in goods and services. Many players, however, may not value the things offered by these packages. Collectors and archivists, for example, may not want to pay to maintain access to Dragon Age: Inquisition forever even if they may want to sample other titles. For that player, the perceived cost of EA Access is more than just an annual fee.

The question then: How much would you pay for EA Access? Is it a bargain? Would you pay more? Or do you not want to pay anything for this type of subscription? Take the poll and discuss in the comments.

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