Listen to Supergiant's extended Transistor soundtrack here

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Danny Cowan
August 2nd, 2014
Listen to Supergiant's extended Transistor soundtrack here

If you were enchanted by the music featured in Supergiant's Bastion follow-up Transistor, you'll definitely want to check out an extended soundtrack released this week from composer Darren Korb.

A digital version of Transistor's soundtrack is available via Supergiant's store for $9.99, and a CD version will set you back $14.99. Korb's tracks are also available from Steam and the PlayStation Store.

To mark the soundtrack's launch, Supergiant is running a sale on the PC Transistor this weekend. Through August 4, you can pick up a Steam copy of Transistor for only $13.39.

[Video: Darren Korb / Supergiant]
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