XBMC renames its media app as it leaves its Xbox roots behind

XBMC's name (which stands for Xbox Media Center) isn't really relevant these days. The media center app only runs on the original Xbox through hacks, and it does a lot more than play your music and videos. Accordingly, it's getting a long, long overdue rebranding: meet Kodi Entertainment Center, the moniker you'll see from version 14 onward. The new naming scheme is both more universal and less prone to legal issues. The developers now have control over their trademark, and the move should prevent trouble with "other companies" -- no doubt including Microsoft -- that might send lawyers after fans or the XBMC team itself. The first Kodi release is a rough alpha, so don't expect to see the new name everywhere just yet. However, it shouldn't be long before the XBMC badging is consigned to the history books.