Toxikk double-jumps back to the roots of arena shooters

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Toxikk double-jumps back to the roots of arena shooters

Modern, competitive FPS spaces typically incorporate regenerating health, skill-boosting experience systems and loadouts, but Toxikk developer Reakktor isn't yearning for any of that. The studio's heart is stuck in the past, when fast-paced, even-playing-field arena FPS games were prominent. Rather than moping about it, Reakktor began work on its PC-only modernization of the arena FPS genre in 2012, which was introduced to the public this week in the above trailer.

Health packs, secondary fire modes and double jumps are more Toxikk's speed, and while an XP system will be present, it will be used purely for matchmaking and unlocking cosmetic character skins. Reakktor is big on player skill being the only differentiating factor in matches, so all Toxikk players will respawn with a melee weapon and pistol, with a selection from nine additional weapons up for grabs throughout maps.

Speaking of maps, Toxikk will have 8-player Classic Maps that are focused on intimate, fast-paced shootouts, but its 16-player Massive Maps offer room for bigger battles and vehicles. Toxikk's site also notes that "all registered players can apply for a FREE SDK" to build maps and characters, with Reakktor planning to build a hub-like website to host user-generated content.

You can wait for the game to launch on Steam, but if you want in on the action as soon as possible, Steam keys bundled with beta access are available on Toxikk's site. A Steam Key with Beta access goes for $15, with discounts, player skins and other bonuses offered in higher funding tiers. Reakktor expects the first shots to be fired in Toxikk's beta somewhere in Q4 of this year.
[Image: Reakktor Studios]
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