Velocity 2X teleports to PS4 and Vita on September 2

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Velocity 2X teleports to PS4 and Vita on September 2
Velocity 2X makes bold claims about its quantities of shooting, jumping, and teleporting right in the title, implying that it's not only a sequel to FuturLab's signature game but a multiplication of it. Players will decide for themselves if it delivers on that promise when Velocity 2X hits PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on September 2nd.

The original Velocity was an unexpected hit when it released as a PSP Mini in 2012, blending the bottom to top screen 2D shooting of classics like Ikaruga with the unique ability to teleport your ship between obstacles on the screen. 2X does in theory deliver on its name, as it expands beyond spaceship shooting stages with sidescrolling platforming stages starring the ship's pilot. These sections also have you trying to rescue hostages, similar to Konami's long lost GBA game Ninja Five-O.

Sony's put a lot of faith in the Velocity series. That game proved so successful, Sony backed Velocity Ultra, a remastered for PS Vita and consoles, and even led the PlayStation company to sign a significant funding deal with FuturLab.
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