Did you miss in Pandaria?: The Pinch King

Kril'Mandar Point

A few days ago, I was fishing along the coast of the northwestern Dread Wastes and something caught my eye: a red-named mob pathing back and forth behind a rock. It was a pretty obscure location, and the only enemies nearby were swimming in the water, so I decided to investigate. It was a makrura named Odd'nirok. It wasn't considered a rare spawn or a quest objective. Curious, I killed him. He put up a tougher fight than I expected, though by no means difficult. He dropped Odd'nirok's Clamshell and a book called Troubles From Without.

The book reads as follows:

Brothers and Sisters,

We need to keep our eyes beyond our shores. The mists have fallen. We, the Shado-Pan are the next and final line of defense.

The first to come, as you know, were the Horde and Alliance. While they have not shown themselves to be hostile, we continue to follow them with a wary eye.

The next to come did not arrive by air, but from beneath the sea. The makrura have shown increased activity on our shores, which suggests a possible future attack. I will highlight a few high-priority targets to look out for.

As I read through the book, it became clear that I had stumbled upon something awesome, and also something very much hidden. No skull marker or exclamation point indicates this "quest." No achievement hints at it. You just have to find one of these makrura, like I did, and then you're off. I was determined to find the five others that the book identified and see where this crazy clamshell led me.

In addition to Odd'nirok in Townlong, the other five can be found along the coasts of Pandaria:

Each has different abilities. Akkalar is highly defensive. Akkalou heals herself with druid and shaman spells. Odd'nirok has a knockback. Clamstok spams Slam. Damlak is a bit hard to find because he paths through deep water. When you engage him, he casts Corruption and a bunch of warlock curses. Kishak has an oddball mix of spells with Battle Shout, Blessing of Kings, Bloodlust, and Frenzy. All are easily soloable in Timeless Isle gear.

When you combine their six clamshells, you create a Clamshell Band. You can now summon Clawlord Kril'mandar <The Pinch King>.

His island, Kril'Mandar Point, is located south of the Horde base in Krasarang (in fact, instancing from the Horde's efforts in that zone caused problems until Blizzard patched in a fix).

The Pinch King uses a mix of the abilities from his six offspring and has 3 million health. He's not a pushover, but he can be solo'ed. Interrupting his Healing Rain will shorten the fight.

If you can beat him, you will earn yourself the mighty Lobstmourne, a fist weapon in the shape of a giant lobster claw. It's not a very good weapon these days, but it's great for transmog.

Pandaria has so much content that it's still possible to find new things even at this point in the expansion. WoW Insider will be detailing other obscure finds as we count down to the end of the Mists era!