Google's Science Fair finalists want to find quasars and wake you with smells

Want to be inspired by the next generation's ingenuity, while simultaneously feeling like you've underachieved? Here are the global finalists for Google's Science Fair 2014! As with previous years, the entries are high-minded and often brilliant, as the young teams try to solve problems like cyberbullying, food scarcity and just waking up. The students, aged 13 to 18 years, come from across the world: For instance, Russia's Anastasia Korovyanskaya (aged 17-18) came up with an ultrasonic burner, while Pranav Sivakumar (US) in the 13- to 14-year-old category has proposed a method for spotting gravitationally lensed quasars. Judged by a panel of academic and industry leaders, competitors are vying for prestigious awards including a $50,000 scholarship from Google, a National Geographic expedition and a behind-the-scenes visit of Virgin's Galactic Spaceport. The winners will be announced on September 22nd, but meanwhile take a closer look at the finalists right here.