Play Battlefield 4 free through Origin for one week

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Play Battlefield 4 free through Origin for one week
Origin is offering Battlefield 4 for free on a limited basis as part of its Game Time program. Players who want to dive into the PC game have until next Thursday, August 14 to add it to their libraries on the game distribution platform. The one-week, full game trial won't begin until players download the game for the first time, so there's no rush to play it immediately before next Thursday.

EA first announced the Origin Game Time program in June. It kicked the free trial service off with Titanfall, which was free to play for 48 hours. Battlefield 4 isn't the only game that's free for Origin users, as Wing Commander 3 is free for players to download until September 2. Unlike Battlefield 4, the space combat game is the latest in Origin's "On the House" games that stay in your library at no extra cost.
[Image: EA]
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