Zynga Sports 365 is social dev's sports series, stars Tiger Woods

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Zynga Sports 365 is social dev's sports series, stars Tiger Woods
Zynga announced a new category of games in its catalog today, Zynga Sports 365. As indicated by the name, the "multi-game brand" covers new ground for the developer by introducing mobile sports games to its repertoire, starting with the football-themed NFL Showdown game and a golf game starring iconic golfer Tiger Woods.

The development of the two games is being led by Zynga Orlando, which includes five Electronic Arts veterans: Mike Taramykin, Jason Shenkman, Jeff Luhr, Ian Cummings and Michael Cayado. Cummings previously served as creative director of EA Sports' Madden series. NFL Showdown, the beginning of a multi-year licensing deal with both the NFL and NFL Players Inc, will launch "globally before the NFL season begins." The game is currently being tested in select markets. Zynga described it as a "manager-style mobile-first simulation game" in which players act as coach, general manager and owner of their favorite NFL franchises.

As for Woods, EA Sports parted ways with the golfer in October, and he was reportedly in negotiations with another publisher for video game rights shortly after. That was well before EA announced EA Sports PGA Tour at E3 in June. The Tiger Woods-branded golf game is expected to arrive in 2015.
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