Sir Daniel Fortesque lives agains with Skyrim MediEvil mod

Remakes and remasters seem to be all the rage these days, what with games like The Last of Us Remastered recently released and Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire on the horizon. But those are official efforts with big-name companies like Naughty Dog and Nintendo attached; let us not forget about the little guys like modder KorinOo, who's remaking the PlayStation classic, MediEvil, using Skyrim.

KorinOo isn't planning to remake the entire game, mind you - just the first four levels, which encompass Sir Daniel Fortesque's initial rise from the grave to the game's first boss fight. Even factoring in the liberties KorinOo will be taking by utilizing Skyrim's engine, the game won't be a perfect copy. "I want to make all the levels/areas recognizable and close to original, but at the same time I want to update some archaic mechanics (combat, interactions, etc.) to modern standards," KorinOo writes on the project's NexusMod page.

The mod has been a work in progress for some time, but with the recent release of the trailer you see above, it looks like KorinOo is on their way to completing their quest.

[Image: KorinOo/Bethesda]