Arena shooter Minimum's Early Access price minimized

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Arena shooter Minimum's Early Access price minimized
Updates are to be expected when a game is on Early Access, but patches that also halve a game's price are a little more rare. The latest addition to Minimum, Atari and Prey developer Human Head's third-person arena shooter, is among those rarities, dropping the price of Minimum's Early Access admission from $19.99 to $9.99.

Those that have already enlisted as blocky, gun-wielding soldiers on Minimum's minimalistic battlefields still have something to enjoy from the update: Path of Lanterns supplies a new zone to sprint through in the 5 vs. 5, assist-your-team's-base-stomping-robot Titan Mode, with Zen Garden serving as a fresh Team Deathmatch locale.

The update expands Minimum's arsenal, too: Proximity mines and sticky grenades can now be set or lobbed to thwart opponents. It's a given that sticky grenades cling to anything your accuracy allows, but Minimum weapon designer TJ notes "your teammates" as a possible host for proxy mines, so don't limit your placement strategies to immobile objects. If you'd rather hone your technique before wildly hurling explosives, the update also adds AI bots, which are just as capable of crafting armor and gathering powerups as human players.
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