Watch these guys try driving a car from a drone's point of view

It's a pretty well-known fact that if you're looking for a proper sense of speed in a racing game, you play from either the cockpit or bumper viewpoint. Using the chase cam isn't exactly natural, and really, how is it even realistic? Well, thanks to the future we now live in, that question's been answered: drones. To see just what it'd be like to drive a car from that omniscient point of view, YouTuber Tom Scott played emergency spotter as pals tooled around a closed course wearing a pair of video goggles receiving real-time footage from the trailing hexacopter.

However, unlike the 1080p video we get to see in the clip, the driver's view looks more akin to a garish mashup of a GameBoy and PlayStation game. If you're looking for high-speed thrills, it's best to point your browser elsewhere -- driving "blind" means careful, deliberate maneuvers are the order of the day here. For something a little more, well, gamey, check out Rooster Teeth's (of Red vs. Blue fame) take on third-person driving from a few years back.

[Thanks, Tom!]