Third-person Oculus Rift hack delivers a true out-of-body experience

Who says VR needs to be experienced in the first-person? Using a stereo pair of GoPro cameras, mounted to a tall antenna carried in a backpack, some obscenely intelligent makers in Poland have discovered that it's possible to enjoy an Oculus Rift experience from a third-person POV instead. The cameras don't respond automatically to head movements just yet, so they have to be controlled by means of a small thumb stick, but they nevertheless augment the wearer's 3D vision: By giving him a view of the real world as seen from a couple of feet above his head, he could scan a wider part of the horizon, or safely peer out from a sniper-infested trench (do we still have those?) or simply to enjoy the uncanny feeling of staring down at his own head and neck. Not bad for an amateur Intel competition entry that was apparently constructed in just a couple of days.