Polaroid's cute Cube camera lets you record video just about anywhere

You can stick action cameras in many places, but they're still not that portable; you probably won't (or can't) shove one in your pocket in case you want to document an adventure. You can certainly try that with Polaroid's new Cube camera, though. While its building block-like design is a little bit cutesy, it also lets you record 1080p wide-angle videos seemingly anywhere -- a built-in magnet lets the Cube cling to any metal surface, and even the mounting kits are tiny enough to come along on many trips. The cam depends on microSD cards for storage and only lasts for 90 minutes of video on a charge, but that still means that it can handle a quick mountain bike expedition or a few laps around the racetrack. Just be patient if you like the notion of cuboid movie capture. Photojojo is taking pre-orders for the $100 Cube today, but it won't ship until late September.