AT&T will send LTE media broadcasts to your phone in 2015

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AT&T will send LTE media broadcasts to your phone in 2015
Verizon's LTE Multicast demo

Verizon may be the first out of the gate with LTE-based media broadcasting in the US, but it won't be the only game in town. AT&T's John Stankey has revealed that his carrier will have its own Multicast service (you're looking at Verizon's technology here) sometime in 2015. It'll first launch in areas where AT&T can start immediately, but it should expand as the provider gets comfortable with both the technology and content partners.

There aren't many other details at this point, although you should expect to shell out for interruption-free media; Stankey says customers have a "willingness to pay" to get music and video. That's certainly true (just ask the many Netflix and Spotify subscribers who stream on the move), although we're hoping that any Multicast offering isn't simply regurgitating existing TV or radio -- that didn't work out so well for AT&T the last time around.
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