British Airways adding cat videos to its roster of in-flight entertainment

In the newspaper trade, August is traditionally known as silly season, for its lack of serious news. The latest company to indulge in some silly-season silliness is British Airways, which has learned that looking at pictures of kittens causes people's heart-rates to slow. That's why the company is adding a Paws and Relax channel to its catalog of in-flight entertainment from September. Rather than a continuously looping video of a room full of newborn kittens and puppies, however, the channel will just show the cartoon Simon's Cat, documentary The Secret Life of Cats and Animal Planet's America's Cutest Dog. We're fine with this news so long as BA doesn't use it as an excuse to withdraw the complimentary whiskey -- because no matter how cute the clip of the kitten playing with the string is, it's not enough to offset crippling in-flight sobriety.