'Shadow Realms' is the next original game from the creators of 'Mass Effect'

EA subsidiary studio BioWare has made some pretty popular games, and is known most recently for its Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Today at Gamescom, the developer gave us an insight into its first original title in some time -- Shadow Realms. The "online action RPG" pits a team of four "Heroes" against the ghouls and demons of the "Shadow Legions," including one player-controlled "Shadowlord." The evil, lone player is able to manipulate the environment, place traps and control ghastly minions in an effort to thwart the Heroes' progress.

The RPG will also be released in episodes, with different scenarios moving the story along as you customize your character to suit your particular play style. Shadow Realms is due out on PC next year, and the official site is now live if you want to learn more about the game or the new world BioWare has created. There's also the option to register your interest in the alpha, which will begin testing for a lucky few next month.

Online RPG 'Shadow Realms' is BioWare's next original game