Xbox One system update rolls out for preview members

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Xbox One system update rolls out for preview members

Microsoft has launched a limited-access Xbox One dashboard update, giving preview team members an early look at the features and improvements in store for its public release this fall.

Currently, preview members can test drive a reorganized Party Chat app, an overhauled Friends section, and a live TV miniguide, among other structural improvements. Eligible members in Europe can try out the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner launching at retail in October.

The update also boasts an improved media player, detailed in the preview video above. Following its fall update, the Xbox One will be capable of playing animated .gifs, enthusiast video codecs, and other formats via a connected USB 2.0 or 3.0 device or over a DLNA home media server. A release date for the Xbox One's fall update is not yet known.

[Video: Microsoft]
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