Google Chrome now freely available in Cuba

If Chrome were human, he'd/she'd be puffing on authentic Cuban cigars right about now. The browser's finally made its way to the Caribbean country, where it was blocked, along with other Google services, for the longest time. While Mountain View didn't directly blame US trade sanctions for the delay, the company intimates in its announcement post that it's the reason why the country's residents couldn't officially install the browser. Of course, enterprising Cubanos have likely found a way to download Chrome long ago, but now people can easily install it across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.) by accessing a special portal.

Google says it's always working to make its products available in more areas as trade sanctions evolve, like how it released Picasa, Chrome and Google Earth in Iran and Syria years ago. So, we're crossing our fingers that our friends in the island nation (where phone and computer sales were allowed but a few years ago and internet access is still very limited) can enjoy the tech titan's other services.

[Image credit: Wikipedia (Cuban cigar)]