You'll soon be able to start a Tesla Model S just with an iPhone

It appears that Tesla Model S owners get as excited by firmware updates as gadget nuts get when a new phone operating system gets released. Someone on the Tesla Motors Club forum has posted some plausible-looking screenshots from what purports to be Model S OS v.6.0. The changelog promises some nifty improvements, like being able to start your EV with your iPhone if you forget your keyfob. If the leak is accurate, the car will also integrate your phone calendar into its dashboard, offer better power management options and a Google Now-esque navigation system that predicts busy routes on your commute to-and-from work. The notes also promise that Android handsets will get similar abilities in the near future, although with the update still in beta, we'd presume that it won't be a few more weeks yet. Still, being able to start your car with your phone takes us one step closer to being able to recreate that scene from Tomorrow Never Dies.