EA banning FIFA Ultimate Team coin sellers from its online games

We're roughly one month away from the launch of FIFA 15, and EA Sports is reminding the series' fans that it won't tolerate cheating, especially in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), the mode that continues to earn big bucks for the publisher. In a lengthy update on the official FIFA site, the publisher discussed the effects that coin and card-trading bots have on its FUT servers.

In May, the publisher opted to de-activate trading in the FUT web app due to "the severe Transfer Market search issues caused by coin-farming bots," which caused the loss of in-game currency and athletes for other players. In turn, the makers of these bots sell the Ultimate Team goods on third-party websites (when they aren't phishing for account information on social networks). Whether buying or selling these items, EA considers these folks cheaters, and has already taken action in the past: "Since February 2014, we've banned hundreds of thousands of FIFA 14 accounts for coin selling and buying," it said.

The penalties for cheating vary, however: Those that purchase coins and promote re-selling platforms go through a three-strike process, the third and final last incident resulting in a permanent ban from FIFA online. The publisher isn't messing around with coin merchants and famers, however, as those caught will face a permanent online ban from all of EA's games. Additionally, those that cheat in Ultimate Team matches on PC and Pro Clubs matches will be slapped with a permanent FIFA online ban. FIFA 15 will launch September 23 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and the two previous-gen versions will be without the Pro Clubs mode.

[Image: EA Sports]