Gro Recycling: Feed your brain with this trash game

Gro Recycling screenshot

Gro Recycling is a fun educational game that teaches children about recycling and the process involved in taking a recyclable material and turning it into a new product. Players must "feed" the right recyclable material to the correct bin and then take the bin to the machine that will take that material and turn it into something new. Gro Recycling is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

There are six different materials to recycle from plastic to batteries with a matching recycling bin for each one. Each recycling bin character gives a reaction for either liking the material given to them or disliking it. Players learn by trying to give each recycling bin the item and after they get the correct reaction, children will learn what each bin likes the "eat."

Gro Recycling screenshot

When players add an item into each bin, there is a little bubble that floats up with the current amount of items in that bin. Players can use this number to test how much of that type of item will fill up a red bar on the recycling machine. You don't have to fill up the machine completely to make a new item, but it is fun to experiment and see what happens when you put just one item vs what happens when you put 50 items. When players decide on an amount to try, they can use the hook to pick up the recycling bin and take it to the recycling machine.

Each type of material you can recycle has its own unique music and design that is revealed when you take the bin to the machine. This is one of the more entertaining parts of Gro Recycling because players get to add their own melodic twist to the two selections of music per machine by tapping on the machine parts. This also helps the machine make the new product. When players are done having fun with the music at the machine, they can tap the green button to see the new product they helped make transported to a picnic where some cute characters are having a picnic. The characters eat the new product or in the case of the batteries, enjoy some great music, and then the product becomes recyclable material and the process starts all over again.

Gro Recycling is an exciting educational game that does a great job of teaching children about recycling without requiring direction from parents as the characters do all of the work with their reactions to the different materials. Gro Recycling is US$2.99 on the App Store and it is one of the best tools for teaching children about recycling in a fun way.