You Don't Know Jack dev's 'Fibbage' now on Xbox One

Jackbox Games launched its party game, Fibbage, on Xbox One this week. The You Don't Know Jack developer launched the "humor-laden trivia party game" that emphasizes bluffing by its players on Amazon Fire TV in April.

Up to eight players attempt to fool one another by using their mobile devices as controllers, logging in to the game's servers and plugging in a room code to play one another. It is hosted by Cookie Masterson, the iconic narrator of the humorous, often irreverent You Don't Know Jack games. Fibbage will arrive on PS4 and PS3 next month, and will be Cross-Buy compatible. The game costs $6.99 on Xbox One.

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"YOU DON'T KNOW JACK®" Studio Releases Fibbage™ Today on Xbox One - 8 Players Can Play Using Mobile Phones and Tablets as Controllers

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – August 22, 2014 – Independent developer Jackbox Games today announced the release of Fibbage™: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game. The game is now available as a digital-only title on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, and will be released as a digital-only cross buy title on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in early September.

Fibbage is the studio's newest, humor-laden trivia party game. The game challenges players to fool their friends with lies, avoid selecting their friends' lies, and find the (usually zany) truths to some very unusual facts.

Up to 8 players can play together on their Xbox One entertainment system, Playstation 3® system, or Playstation 4® system simply by using their mobile phones or tablets (or even laptops) as controllers. Players log in via a website and type in a room code to join the game, thus eliminating the need for multiple controllers and expanding the number of people who can play on a console in one room at a game night or party.

Fibbage features outrageous but incomplete facts. For example, if asked the question: "The mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a _____," players could enter lies such as "baby," "rabbit," or "ham sandwich." Players can get as creative as they want, or use a suggestion if they get stuck. The game is hosted by the studio's unusually-self-assured-for-a-loner host, Cookie Masterson (of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK "fame.")

"We're trying to corner the market on live, multiplayer party games that you play with friends on your couch or bed, depending on the type of party it is," said Mike Bilder, GM of Jackbox Games. "Fibbage is just the first in a series of 'party play' games, as we call them, that we plan to release. No huge stash of controllers needed, just some friends with phones and your favorite console."

Each game of Fibbage is seven questions long and includes specialty questions such as Celebrity Tweets and Road Trip. It culminates with a high-stakes final question: The Final Fibbage.

Fibbage was released earlier this year on Amazon Fire TV and it follows last fall's launch of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Party on Ouya. Both games use mobile devices as controllers, eliminating a major friction point for live gameplay with big groups. Fibbage is available now from the Xbox Live Games Store at For more information visit To join the conversation, like the game on Facebook® and follow us on Twitter®.

About Jackbox Games
Jackbox Games, formerly Jellyvision Games, is a developer and publisher of games on leading gaming platforms. The studio's flagship title, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK, has been called "the greatest quiz-show game ever made" by The Onion's A.V. Club and "triumphant, hilarious, even enlightening" by The New York Times. Fibbage is the studio's first cross-platform console release since the most recent YOU DON'T KNOW JACK. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois.