Coin makes up for its delayed smart card launch with an expanded beta test

Not happy that Coin said it was only shipping a beta version of its Bluetooth credit card this fall, rather than the finished product it originally promised for the summer? You're not alone -- and the company is aware that it needs to make amends for angering early adopters. The fledgling payment firm has apologized for both the delay and lack of transparency by significantly expanding the reach of its beta program. It's planning to run a nationwide test for beta backers at "no cost," and it will expand the initial number of slots in that dry run from 10,000 to 15,000 -- not a perfect solution, but definitely more accommodating. It's also hoping to increase the number of slots over time, so you may not have to wait for the finished product if you miss out on the first wave.

Of course, this olive branch to customers wouldn't be very helpful if the startup weren't tackling the issues that miffed so many in the first place. It's promising more updates on its progress in the future, and hopes to boost the card's compatibility beyond the 85 percent claimed today; that's part of what the beta is for, after all. You can get a refund if Coin's antics still rub you the wrong way, although the company is clearly hoping that you'll give it a second chance.