See how the Napa earthquake affected Jawbone users' sleep

jawbone sleep quake

If you're one of the many iPhone users with a Jawbone UP strapped to your wrist, you might be used to seeing pretty standard peaks and valleys on your sleep charts. Not so for many in Northern California who were awoken by the rumblings of one of the largest earthquakes to hit the area in several decades -- and the consolidated sleep data is actually pretty cool to look at.

As you can see, shortly before 3:30 AM, huge numbers of UP wearers sprung from their beds thanks to the rumblings below their feet. Napa, Sonoma, Vallejo, and Berkeley were the quickest to wake thanks to their proximity to the epicenter, while other affected regions experienced a slight delay before having their sleep interrupted. Thankfully, no deaths were reported, and it appears most people got back to their pillows before too long.