Updated: Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac has been postponed indefinitely

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John-Michael Bond
August 27th, 2014
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Updated: Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac has been postponed indefinitely

Update: We reached out to a source working on the Mac version of Civilization: Beyond Earth for a comment on this story. While they cannot give us a hard release date yet they want readers to know that "coming soon" really does mean coming soon. The Mac version won't be available in October, but expect it to follow close behind.

Some readers were bothered by our use of the word "indefinitely" in the headline of this story due to their interpretation of the word's definition. Indefinitely means for an unlimited or unspecified amount of time, not postponed entirely. Given the title had been pushed back with no new release date we felt the word was appropriate. This was a case of using a word's traditional meaning, not being sensational. We apologize for any confusion. You can read our original post below.

When Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth was announced in April, Apple users rejoiced in the news that the game would be hitting Macs and PCs at the same time. Now with the game's release coming up on October 24, it appears that promise is a thing of the past.

The development team at Firaxis, a division of 2K games, has updated the title's page on their website to mention that the Mac and Linux versions of the games have been delayed.

Hopefully the delay won't last too long. Civilization: Beyond Earth was originally reported to be in development across all three platforms at the same time. You can watch some new gameplay footage from the title below.

Thanks to Twitter user hwojtek for the tip.

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