NFL Mobile gets Sunday afternoon streaming for Verizon customers

All of the popular football apps are getting their annual update ahead of the NFL season kicking off September 4th, and the league's own option is doing the same. Thanks to the newfangled NFL Now video service, national and personalized video feeds are beamed to your mobile device for all of the latest updates. You can also stream "Fantasy Live" in order to get your roster set before the slate of games starts each week and browse the programming schedule for the league's TV network. As is the case with regular app updates, sharing content across the social streams gets a boost as well. Verizon Premium and More Everything customers gain the ability to live stream local CBS and FOX games each Sunday, and that latter group has the option of tacking NFL Redzone for an extra $2/month. Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps have all been updated, so if your device hasn't yet alerted you to the new goods, they're available via the source links below.