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Olympus' newest mirrorless camera is built for selfies

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Olympus' newest mirrorless camera is built for selfies

Even Olympus can't resist the allure of selfies, it seems. The company has just unveiled the PEN E-PL7, a retro-tinged mirrorless camera whose centerpiece is a 3-inch flip-out LCD that makes those trendy self-portraits a little easier. When you swing out the display, it kicks into a "Selfie Mode" which lets you tap the screen to capture a slightly time-delayed (and hopefully, better-prepared) shot. There's a selfie interval option to snap successive photos in different poses, and powered zoom lenses will automatically kick into a wide-angle view to make sure your pretty face is in the frame.

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It's not just about stroking your ego. The E-PL7 still has a 16-megapixel sensor like the E-PL6, but it carries both the E-M10's three-axis image stabilization and a fast 81-point autofocusing system that can shoot a moving subject at up to 3.5 frames per second (8FPS in regular bursts). And you'll be glad to hear that WiFi has finally reached the mid-tier PEN line -- you can both share pics through your phone or control the camera from a short distance away.

If you're tempted, the E-PL7 won't cost too much when it ships in late September. Spending $600 will get you the body alone, and $700 bundles a 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 standard zoom lens. The accessories don't arrive until October, although there are two that will be worth waiting for if you're going diving: a $700 underwater shell will keep your camera safe, while a matching $500 flash will illuminate darker waters.

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