Deep Down-time for Capcom's RPG, public beta delayed to 2015

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Deep Down-time for Capcom's RPG, public beta delayed to 2015
Japanese PS4 owners won't try out online RPG Deep Down until next year, after Capcom pushed back its open beta into 2015. As Siliconera reports, director and producer Kazunori Sugiura said Capcom needs more time to test things out before launching a public beta. Remember, this beta was originally due around the time of Japan's PS4 launch in February.

Capcom released new footage of the free-to-play online RPG, showcasing teams of two and four players taking on all manner of enemies including one huge monstrosity that looks a bit like a cross between a turkey and a crab - a crurkey, perhaps. Give it a crurk in the video below the break.

Deep Down is built in Capcom's new Panta Rhei engine and features procedurally generated dungeons and enemies to take on. When I played it at last year's Tokyo Game Show, movement and combat felt heavy and substantial, slightly reminiscent of Capcom's Monster Hunter series. I also discovered little hints of the game's underlying sci-fi reality behind its medieval guise, evidenced by the near-futuristic city shown in the video.

Given the news about the public beta, it's no surprise Capcom's not showing the game at this year's Tokyo Game Show. It may be a while longer before we hear of a full release for Japan, let alone one in the West.
[Image: Capcom]
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