Tado hopes to put its smart thermostat in more homes with new retail partner

The smart thermostat space is plenty competitive nowadays, and securing an exclusive and high-profile retail partner seems the go-to sales strategy. Over the past few months, we've seen Nest buddy up with npower and Climote rebrand its thermostat for Scottish Power, not to mention British Gas plugs its own product. Now, thermostat-maker Tado's announced it's also found an advocate in new partner HomeServe, a specialist home insurance and repairs provider operating in the UK and other European countries. While teaming up with an energy supplier makes obvious sense, we don't see as clear a sales channel through HomeServe, unless one of its reps is round fixing the boiler. With five and a half million customers across Europe, however, we're sure the company will manage to flog a few Tado thermostats with location-based controls regardless.