GTA5's radio station getting with the times on PC, PS4, Xbox One

A scenic route through Grand Theft Auto 5's Los Santos will open up on PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall, but we might not be stuck blasting the same old programs from our totally-legally-acquired rides.

Cara Delevingne recently tweeted that she was "with @rockstargames to update my GTA[5] radio station Non Stop Pop FM" for this fall's ports, with Non Stop Pop being an adult contemporary station on GTA5's dial. Rockstar hasn't announced plans regarding radio content for the ports, so it's unclear whether we can hope for radio hosts other than Delevingne to swing by and freshen up their shows as well.

We're still waiting on a specific date for our returning trip to the San Andreas area, but in the mean time you can compare trailers from the original release and the upcoming port. Or you could join us at shaking our heads over Lindsey Lohan's latest leading role in ... a lawsuit with Rockstar.

[Image: Rockstar Games]