Ninja Bunny - The Bad Egg Adventure is a short lived trip

Ninja Bunny screenshot

Ninja Bunny - The Bad Egg Adventure is a free game for iPhone and iPad that's available for iOS 4.3 or later. It pits the hero, Ninja Bunny against the villain, Bad Egg and his army of robots. My expectation of this game was a little mixed after reading about it on the App Store. Ninja Bunny is dropped into various environments where he runs and jumps through an assortment of obstacles that never seem to stop coming at you.

The controls only allow you to jump up and throw ninja stars at your enemies. The actual gameplay is short lived at times. I didn't like that it takes three taps to get back to the new game. It was tad bit confusing because you don't restart on the same screen you were previously on. Additionally, each time you die Bad Egg's annoying maniacal laugh can be heard.

The amount of enemies and obstacles on the screen at one time made it difficult to progress, so a good amount of persistence and determination are necessary when playing this game. When you kill an enemy, you'll see a gold coin appear above them, so you have to quickly jump to collect them.

Ninja Bunny screenshot

When you accumulate more coins, you'll have the option to visit the coin store to load up on items to add to Ninja Bunny's arsenal. You can use coins to buy costume upgrades and weapon upgrades for Ninja Bunny. The costumes vary in color, but don't appear to give Ninja Bunny any powers. The weapons available for purchase are ninja throwing stars, ice, fire, steaming poo, and a piggy bank.

As Ninja Bunny progresses, he gains power ups that gives him a crazy out of control ability such as Adrenaline Rush which speeds Ninja Bunny up so he can fly by the enemies. The downside to Adrenaline Rush is it typically ends in his demise due to lack of control because it makes it difficult to make the jumps in time. Ninja Bunny can smash through a crate, grab a tank, and he's unstoppable for brief amount of time. The tank is a lot of fun because it fires ordnance at the enemies and obstacles to help clear the path.

I enjoyed the funny graphics of silly characters like the flying Dracula, a zombie dinosaur, flying robots, and a lot of other fast flying and running enemies you'll encounter. The various settings such as Total Recall, Ice Ice Baby, Wall of China, Ancient Scars, and The Evil Dead, are pretty cool that they drop Ninja Bunny into. Overall, I would recommend Ninja Bunny - The Bad Egg Adventure if you want to be challenged in short bursts and don't have time for a long drawn out game play.