Hot Shots Golf trailer brings green screens to PS4

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Hot Shots Golf trailer brings green screens to PS4
This morning Sony published the reveal of the brand new Hot Shots Golf for PS4, as first broadcast during yesterday's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference in Japan. Don't be fooled by that Bob Green fellow at the beginning, this really isn't Fat Cat Simulator 2014. Someone should make that if that hasn't been done already, which it probably has.

The debut footage gives us a glimpse into the how Sony's oddball sportsballer looks on PS4, and the cutesy Shuhei Yoshida cameo suggests the series' super-deformed style isn't going anywhere anytime soon. During yesterday's stream, Yoshida said (as translated by Sony) the game features "open world entertainment focusing on golf." Interesting, even if we're a country mile from knowing what it means.

Check out the trailer below the break.

Don't expect to hear much more about the game until next spring, because that's when Sony says it will reveal more details. Knowing how long it's taken previous entries to make their way West, it may be a good long while before we can take to the greens ourselves.
[Image: Sony]
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