Football fans battle it out with Fans Wars-Pro Football Edition

Fan Wars-Pro Football Edition screenshots

Some teams in the NFL have developed huge rivalries. Think Bears vs Packers, Chiefs vs Raiders, and Steeler vs Ravens. Now while those teams go at it on the field, their fans can compete with rival fans using Fan Wars-Pro Football Edition. The free universal app requires iOS 7.0 and lots of NFL knowledge to operate.

The app pits fans of rival teams against each other through the use of trivia questions and by picking the winners in every NFL game each week. In the trivia area you receive twenty questions that can be answered all at once of one at a time throughout the week. Once you begin you have fifteen seconds to answer each questions. Each correct answer scores you one point and each wrong answer takes away a point. The multiple-choice questions range from easy to hard: which conference are the Colts in to how old was George Blanda when he retired? If you have to ask who George Blanda is you might want to study a bit before taking the trivia quiz.

Fan Wars-Pro Football Edition screenshots

The second level of competition comes with the selection of winners in that week's list of NFL games. Just pick the winners, no point spreads to worry about. As with the trivia section, you get one point for a correct pick and lose a point for each game you pick incorrectly.

Your totals in the two segments are then used to figure out your Fan IQ. The scale on this is similar to a real IQ test. If you score around 140 it puts you at the top of NFL fans and you must spend a lot of time on your favorite team and the NFL games. Scores around 60 indicate you know what the NFL is put aren't into fantasy football or watching all the games on TV.

Fan Wars-Pro Football Edition screenshots

Once you get through the first week, you can check your own scores as well as those of the other fans of your team to see how you rank. You will also receive the list of how each team's fans rank. If your team's fan get into the top three, all those fans receive an ad-free experience on the app. So the more true fans of your team you can get to join with you in using Fan Wars-Pro Football Edition, the higher your team's scores will be and you get more bragging rights against your big rivals.