Knock those pins down with Bowling Paradise 2

Bowling Paradise 2 screenshot

Bowling Paradise 2 is a new version of an old favorite of mine, Bowling Paradise. This version is a free universal app that requires iOS 6.0. You will also find a version optimized for the iPad. Both have wonderful graphics, are easy to play and offer users a number of options and opportunities to personalize their games.

Once you sign up using a simple user name and password or through your Facebook account, you can choose different modes of play, 1-4 players head-to-head or one player against the computer. The app offers five different locations to bowl: Paradise Beach, Space, where the ball flies rather than rolls; Desert, Sky Island, and Space Challenge where your abilities are really tested by moving pins.

Bowling Paradise 2 screenshots

Once you have made those selections it's time to bowl. The game is simple: a flick of your finger sends the ball on its way towards the pins and if you are sufficiently skilled you can get a strike. As part of the options available you can choose to put spin on the ball by swiping left or right, tilting your device to the left or right, or a combination of both. So you can hook the bowl just like the pros do. Bowling Paradise 2 also provides you the chance to move your ball to the left or right on the lane to give you a better angle for those single pin spares. Move to the far right to get the seven or to the far left for the elusive ten pin. Other options available in Bowling Paradise 2 are the ability to customize your bowling ball and the bowling pins. You receive six different options for each.

Bowling Paradise 2 screenshots

The app's graphics are very good and it sets off a spectacular fireworks display at the end of each game and the higher the score the bigger and brighter the fireworks. You will find realistic physics at play in the game impacting the roll of the ball and the flight of the pins after being hit.

Pro versions of the universal app and the iPad app are available for US$1.99. The paid version offers seven locations rather than five by including Scientific Lounge and Undersea featuring beautiful coral, sea creatures, and a unique environment. You also receive ten choices for both bowling balls and pins instead of six. Whichever version of Bowling Paradise 2 you choose I believe it will provide you lots of enjoyment and a real challenge.