Qualcomm's universal AllPlay streaming now works with Spotify

Spotify Connect

Qualcomm's AllPlay is supposed to deliver a world of simple, universal media streaming, and it just came a lot closer to realizing that vision by both landing a raft of new partners and widening its app program. You can now stream to AllPlay devices using several additional music services, including Spotify; if you want to blast that new album on every system in the house, you can. Appropriately, both Fon's Gramofon media hub and Monster's SoundStage speakers will now take your AllPlay tunes.

You should expect more apps to work with AllPlay in the near future, too. While Qualcomm first offered AllPlay's Click developer kit at the start of the year, it's now publicly available to any app or music service provider that wants to use it. It will be a while before that next wave of supporting software reaches the wild, but it shouldn't be too long before many of your music apps have some kind of audio sharing built-in.