Spotify headed to Harman's ritzy JBL wireless music docks

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Steve Dent
September 4, 2014 5:23 PM
Spotify headed to Harman's ritzy JBL wireless music docks

Want to listen to that back-to-school playlist with a bit of panache? Harman International's chi-chi JBL Authentics L16 and L8 wireless streaming docks now support Spotify Connect streaming, letting you control songs from your phone while not actually streaming from it. On top of improving Bluetooth range, that means you can play games or surf without interrupting music playback. The Authentic devices also support Airplay and DLNA connectivity, and come with an optional Qi charging pad. If you were thinking the L16 dock shown above looks pretty posh, bear in mind that it also runs a cool $1,000 (the L8 is $500). If those figures don't make you flinch, Spotify-equipped units are now shipping, and existing Authentics devices will receive an update soon.

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