Dog Days of Summer: Iggy and his iPad

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Steve Sande
September 6th, 2014
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Dog Days of Summer: Iggy and his iPad

Iggy the dog with his iPad

Summer is beginning to wind down, but Iggy here doesn't seem to mind -- he'll hang out anywhere as long as he can watch something on his iPad. Of course, it might be more comfortable if the Wi-Fi worked better out by the pool...

Owner Bob Rabner says:

This is a screen grab from a "Game Night" video at our house. Iggy is competing with his mom and brother Dillon. Everyone gets a turn choosing a game and Iggy chose the iPad app "Games for Dogs". He obviously had been practicing when nobody was around because he was unstoppable. Only problem is when he tries to practice on my iMac as it isn't a touch screen and he doesn't get that. Anyone know a good monitor cleaner?

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