Unreal Engine Marketplace opens, UE4 free to educators

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Unreal Engine Marketplace opens, UE4 free to educators
*You enter a building marked with the Epic Games and Unreal Engine logos. As you do, a cheerful voice comes over the intercom.*

Greetings, shoppers! Welcome to the just-opened Unreal Engine Marketplace, where Unreal Engine 4 developers can peruse and purchase all of their community-created needs. Need a sci-fi themed environment for your in-development top-down shooter game, but lack an environment artist or don't have the know-how to create one yourself? Simply subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 for $19 per month and you'll be able to buy and download said environment for its listed price.

Teachers and education administrators, please enjoy Unreal Engine 4 free of charge when you register your school information with Epic. Students, you too can enjoy the benefits of a free game development engine by having your teacher request a student license for you. Teacher copies are to be installed on school-owned computers, while students must be enrolled in an accredited video game development, computer science, art, architecture, simulation or visualization program.

Thank you for visiting the Unreal Engine Marketplace, where there's a helpful, computer-rendered smile in every aisle.
[Image: Epic Games]
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