Twitter's 'Buy' button is finally ready for public testing

It's no secret that Twitter's been working on a way for you buy junk straight from tweets, and the company is finally ready to talk about it in public. You see, in the days and weeks to come, you might see "Buy" buttons embedded in tweets from Home Depot, Pharell and Burberry (no, really) as you poke around in Twitter's mobile app. Tapping that button will take you straight to you a checkout page where you can either punch in your credit card info or call forth the payment data you've already stored with Twitter. If everything goes the way Twitter probably wants it to, we may soon be looking at a service that's as much about commerce as it is about content. That'll be great for Twitter's bottom line, but the jury's still out on how regular folks'll take it -- some of them are already a little miffed about some of the timeline changes that are already barreling down the pipeline.