Path of Exile preps new flame effect and Taiwan patches

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.08.14

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Path of Exile preps new flame effect and Taiwan patches
Do you want some ICE for that BURN?  Ha ha!  Seriously, that's got to hurt.
Have you long wanted to summon demonic flame from your fingertips in Path of Exile? You'll get your chance in the game's 1.2.2 patch; it's being added as a new microtransaction spell effect. The developers are also rolling the game's latest mini-expansion, Forsaken Masters, out to the Taiwanese servers as well, launching it before the game's first mini-expansion. It's a more beginner-friendly update, so it makes more sense to launch it first. This all comes courtesy of the game's recent mini-news roundup, covering several small but relevant points of interest.

Other updates include discussions being held on the game's next race event, which will probably be significantly different from prior events as the team wishes to clearly distinguish between races meant for hardcore or more casual players. Master/Grandmaster supporter art packs have also begun the process of shipping, with several more prepared for the mail now. Check out the full post for a few more details, or just check out that demonic flame effect in a video past the cut.

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