Apple Watch vs. the competition: Is it worth the wait?

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Long rumored and eagerly awaited, the Apple Watch is now a reality. It's certainly not the first smartwatch on the block, but could it be the best? The features look impressive, but we'll still need to get one on our wrist and write a full review. In the meantime, there's always the specs to look at. How does the Apple Watch fare against some of the other wearables on the market? Just take a look below to see where it stands against notable smartwatches like the Pebble Steel, Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear Live.

Apple Watch Pebble Steel Moto 360 Samsung Gear Live
Price $349 $249 $250 $200
Display Retina display with sapphire screen 1.26-inch Memory LCD e-paper, 168 x 144 pixels 1.56-inch LCD, 320 x 290 pixels 1.63-inch sAMOLED, 320 x 320 pixels
Battery NA 130mAh 320mAh 300mAh
Processor/RAM Apple S1 STM32F205RE Cortex M3; 128KB RAM TI OMAP 3; 512MB 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400; 512MB RAM
Water resistance Yes Yes, to 5 ATM Yes, IP67-certified Yes, IP67-certified
Dimensions 38mm and 42mm options available 46 x 34 x 10.5mm, 56g 46 x 46 x 11.5mm, 60g 37.9 x 56.4 x 8.9mm, 59g
Storage NA NA 4GB internal storage 4GB internal storage
WiFi Yes None Yes NA
Operating System iOS Pebble OS Android Wear Android Wear
Standout features Siri, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, Apple Pay Accelerometer Google Now, pedometer, heart rate monitor Google Now, pedometer, heart rate monitor
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