Intel's building a reference tablet for Android developers

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Looking for a new, stable and regularly updated slate to develop on? Intel has your back. The company says it's been working with Google to create the "Intel Reference Design for Android," a developer tablet designed to help device manufactures and developers get their products to market as fast as possible. "What we've done with Google is defined a list of components," Intel's Doug Fisher explained. "And then Intel builds a complete operating environment, a complete stack on top of that device." The partnership and pre-approved components allows Intel to promise that its reference tablets will pass Google Media Services standards, making it easy for OEMs using the device as a base to do the same.

Intel is dedicated to keeping the program's software up to date, too -- every device in the program will receive the latest ASOP updates within two weeks of release. Intel is using the platform to push its own technology forward too: reference tablets will feature the same RealSense camera technology Dell is putting into the Venue 8 7000 series. Intel didn't say when developers will be able to get involved in its reference program, but mentioned that the RealSense technology will be available in Dell's slate this fall. Check out our hands-on with that device right here.

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