Microsoft's next Xbox One update makes it act more like the 360

We weren't lying in our review when we said that the Xbox One felt like a work in progress. From the sounds of it, though, the system's next update will add features and functionality that frankly should have been in the box last fall. For starters, once the patch rolls out to everyone in October, double-tapping the Guide button on the Xbox One controller will act an awful lot like pressing the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller does: it'll give options to bring up your friends list, achievements and messages. Finally! The update is also supposed to make recording video without Kinect voice controls a lot easier by letting you save the last 30 seconds of game-video by double-tapping the Guide and then hitting the X button.

The Xbox One is also beating its competition to the media punch again by adding DLNA support so you can stream videos (yes, including MKV files) from your computer to the console. There are a ton of other smaller, but no less noteworthy, features in the upcoming patch, so be sure and hit Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb's blog post for the full details.