Latest Xbox One update adds remote game buying, 3D Blu-ray

On top of the updates that Microsoft announced at Gamescom last week, the folks in Redmond are rolling out August's monthly update to Xbox One consoles. First, you'll be able to purchase extra content for that title of choice before you head back to your living room with SmartGlass or by visiting on a mobile device. During marathon gaming sessions, you'll now get a pop-up notification when that trusty controller is running on fumes. Despite lacking the feature at launch, this round of addition finally brings 3D Blu-ray support to the Xbox One. To round out the update, Activity Feed now sports a single-column view with more sharing ability, notifications can be disabled when watching video and your Friends List will display the last time your mates were online. The tweaks are on the way to consoles starting today, so you'll be getting cozy to the new features shortly.