Monaco steals, sells one million copies

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Monaco steals, sells one million copies
Multiplayer heist game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine reached a new milestone this week: One million copies sold. Developer Pocketwatch Games noted via Twitter that the sales landmark doesn't include free copies it distributed during special promotions.

The game launched in April 2013 on Steam and received a very positive review from Joystiq's own Jess Conditt at that time, prior to its May 2013 XBLA launch. Monaco features clean, retro-inspired visuals and the ability to partake in heists with up to three friends, each using specialized characters with unique skill sets like the Locksmith, Pickpocket and Lookout. Pocketwatch Games issued the final update for the game in April before fully unveiling its next game about a month ago, an arcade RTS called Lead to Fire.
[Image: Pocketwatch Games]
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